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The Black Buddha Journey

The Traveler, the Band and the Sessions

About Us: Project

The Traveler

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Yohi is the founder of Black Buddha Sounds. Growing up in Addis Ababa, Lusaka and Los Angeles, he was influenced by a variety of musical styles.


From the first time listening to the 7/8 rhythms of Greek composer Yanni, to playing with Ewe master drummers in Dzodze, Ghana; Yohanan blends the diverse melodies and rhythms from his mother country and continent with the intercontinental styles of dance-hall, reggae, hip hop and funk. 


Today, he channels these inspirations as a live and session bassist, soundtrack composer and film producer. 


Composed of some of the finest musicians in the greater Lake Geneva area, the Black Buddha Sounds Crew consists of:

  • Jean-Loup Didelot/Yamine- Arrangement and Drums

  • Hamza Fawaz- Vocals

  • Johan Gozlan/Clement Barral/Soufyane- Guitar

  • Joris Favre/Guy Barbin- Keyboards

  • Black Buddha- Bass/Vocals

The Group has performed at Fete de la Musique, Geneve; La Ville et Vous, and several other local venues. 

The Features

As a bassist and soundtrack producer, Black Buddha Sounds has had the fortune to record  with and learn from artistes and labels out of Ethiopia, Jamaica, Switzerland, and more including:

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